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Blank Canvas with Yellow Door
Drawing and Painting Traffic Cones from Grand Theft Auto V
Sky Sphere Migration

Sky Sphere Migration
Media installation consisting of video projection (54-minute loop, 1280x720 resolution) onto mylar sculpture and wall
Dimensions variable
Collaboration with Kazue Taguchi

Exhibited in the group exhibition COLLISION20:bilocate
Boston Cyberarts Gallery
Boston, MA
January 17 - February 23, 2014

The sky is always changing. If you stay in one place, you will see it brighten, or darken, or perhaps moving clouds. If you move, the angle of the sun will change, or the size of the sky will appear to shift depending on your surroundings. You have seen many skies in your life. You cannot remember them all. But you can remember certain moments of sky-watching. You can remember contemplating a summer sunset alone, or perhaps a cold dawn appearing after a long night's drive. You look at the sky simply because it is there and it is beautiful - you do not need any conceptual basis to justify your sky-watching. Your mind may wander. You will think whatever you think - the sky will not respond or tell you what it means. This piece is a meditation on watching, on doing without thinking.

How do we experience the sky in 2014? You might see a picture of a sunset on your smart-phone. It will be artificial. Or, if you spend a day at the beach, you might feel the absence of technology (at least until you see someone walk by while texting). This piece is not an attempt to recreate the sky. It is a synthesis of natural and artificial skies you can imagine or remember, distorted as they encounter reality.

The sky is constantly re-inventing itself every day. Artists must continually create new work or they are no longer making art. How can we respond to the sky? Here you see time-lapse footage of real skies. The skies have been digitally manipulated so that idealized colors and incessant motion create evanescent forms and color combinations. The reflective Mylar creates unpredictable patterns with the light of the seven skies as they move across this little artificial universe. The sky-light travels beyond the physical confines of the sculpture, as your mind might wander when looking at the sky.