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"The job I have available is working for robots, a really nice couple," she explained, "It's a live-in situation, all meals are included, full benefits - a real nice package. Do you know any tricks?" "Tricks?" he said, "You mean like a magic act or something?" "Not exactly," she explained, "More like fetch the ball, roll over and play dead, catching a frisbee in your mouth, howling along when they put on an opera record." "Sounds like a job for a dog!" protested Derek. "Alright, to be fair, yes, you'll basically be a household pet," she admitted, "but like I said, super nice robots. They would never hit you with the rolled-up newspaper! You are house-trained, right?"

(Excerpt from "Moonstop Entertainer" ©2012)

Ron Richter was born in South Bend, Indiana in 1958. His family moved frequently during his childhood. This might account for his restless nature and his vivid imagination. He studied painting and drawing at Southern Illinois University and also began playing bass in rock bands in performing in Carbondale, Illinois. After he graduated, he moved to Chicago. He became involved in Chicago's bustling music scene and began writing music and lyrics. He also continued to be prolific as an artist and became involved in the Edge Gallery. In a series of bands, he recorded several albums and toured the Midwest, East Coast and Europe. In the 90's, he lived in Prague for six months and Cairo, Egypt for several months, as well as travelled extensively in Egypt and Israel. When he returned to Chicago, he earned a master's degree from Columbia College in Interdisciplinary Arts, engaging in many new creative endeavors including choreographing several dances! In 2001, he decided it was time to move New York City. At present, Ron Richter resides in Brooklyn and continues to paint, write and perform music, write strange stories and travel when he can afford it.

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