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STENERSEN: Loneliness!? How can you be lonely when you're with the one you love? She was happy up here ... for a while. It was the Tomte that took her!

(The snarl suddenly stops. The men look at the door.)

HAUSER: It's an old wives tale around here, Mr. Wolf.

WOLF (to Stenersen): But you've seen it. You can describe it.

STENERSEN: I can tell you about its eyes - I've seen them on a thousand nights - burning like coals in the dark. I can tell you about its teeth - sharp like the mountain lion's - made for tearing flesh. And I can tell you about its hands - quick and unforgiving - a grip that can lock onto you and never let go - the hands that took my Sarah.

(From "The Troll of Oscoda County")

Bill Raden is a theater critic and entertainment journalist in Los Angeles and is a member of the Los Angeles-based Gunfighter Nation playwrights group.

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