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Ruthie Ackerman
Jimmie Briggs
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Kofu Fosu Forson
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Rich Moskal
Robert Pearre
Justin Petropoulos
William Raden
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Shaun Randol
Ron Richter
Luc Sante
Jose Antonio Vargas
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Robert Pearre is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His primary focus is single channel video installation. After studying Art History at Columbia University in the early 90's he went on to work for the Pat Hearn Gallery in New York City and then later opened Robert Pearre Fine Art in Tucson, Arizona. After returning to NYC his interest shifted towards making work of his own, initially working in photography and then making the shift to video. Since 2008 Mr. Pearre has exhibited in galleries and video art festivals nationally and internationally.

Davide Cantoni
Brian Dupont
Danielle Durchslag
Ryan Frank
Linda Griggs
Allen Hansen
David Hodges
Felicity Hogan
Isaiah King
Jillian Mcdonald
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Robert Pearre
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