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Boss: Do you have problems with authority figures?

Dr. Lisa: I have TERRIBLE problems with authority figures.

Boss: Lie down, Lisa.

[Dr. Lisa stretches out on her portable psychotherapy couch, mic in hand.]

Heckler: [good naturedly] Shut up and lie down.

[audience laughter]

Dr. Lisa: I have terrible problems with authority figures because, well, my father was an architect, you know, and well, I'm an art director. And he was always very critical of my work and very critical of me. He made fun of me. Like, I'd bring my work home from college and he'd say [She takes a dry, dismissive tone], "You call that art?"

[audience laughter]

(Transcription of "Psychotherapy Live! Stand Up. Lie Down," COMIX/Ochi's Lounge, NYC, Oct. 20th, 2009)

Lisa Levy is a conceptual artist, self-proclaimed psychotherapist, performer, comedian and advertising art director.

Her current projects: As Dr. Lisa, she is the resident psychotherapist for the new GalleryBeat web series from Paul H-O. She answers questions and does therapy sessions on artists, and then posts as videos. She also performs psychoanalysis on comedians in "Stand Up. Lie Down," her show at Comix/Ochis' Lounge on the third Thursday of every month.

Lisa also makes conceptual art and has exhibited widely at venues such as White Columns, Artists Space, Printed Matter, The New Museum and the Scope Art Fair. See some of Lisa's art here: http://www.psychotherapylive.com/art.html.

And as an advertising art director, she has worked at top ad agencies such as McCann-Erickson, TBWA and Ogilvy & Mather on accounts like American Express, Absolut Vodka and Crest Toothpaste. In addition to a Clio, she won a Grand Prize of $83,000, in a national search for a new Hebrew National Salami advertising campaign.

Her other performances include "Psychotherapy LIVE!" where she plays shrink to the audience and "Red Carpet LIVE!" where she is a red carpet host. She has also created hamster bowling, culminating in an appearance on David Letterman in Stupid Pet Tricks.

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