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PIDGIN ENGLISH YAWP (for an Irishman)

Hem i tambu, we smel blong yu.
Hemi kam long we, smel ya?
Smel ya, mi save long laet aean.
Long laet aean mo long plante hos.
Smel blong yu, hem i naes tumas.
Hemi smel blong tamtam,
Blong majik. Moa,
Hem I smel blong storian.
Smel yes,
Yu yes.
(Yes mi talem se yes mi agri bae yes)
Yu save, Jif?

Your smell oughta be a crime [unthinkable and utterable].
Where does it come from, a smell like that, [personified]?
[The smell to which we refer herein] [puts me in mind] of zinc.
Of zinc and horses.
[Your body odor is] [unthinkably, unutterably] good.
It is the smell [personified] of [man's most primal and essential sacrament]
It belongs to the world of Magic and what is more
[if, through a complex ritual involving the exchange, slaughter and eating of pigs across several generations, the act of Narration were itself to become embodied], [that's what you would smell like].
Smell yes.
You yes.
(Yes I said yes I will yes)
[Molly Bloom's acquiescence])
if you take my meaning [I refer to you with the utmost deference, respect and forelock tugging]

Mandy Keifetz is a 4th-generation New Yorker and a finishing school drop-out. Her work has appeared in .Cent, Penthouse, Vogue, QW, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, The Comics Journal, Lou-Lou, the New York Press, Our Town, Manhattan Spirit, and 'zines too numerous to count. "Corrido" was her first novel and was favorably reviewed in Publisher's Weekly, Japanese Esquire, Bloomsbury Review, KRWG/NPR, WFMU, WSTR, CKUT (McGill Radio) and the Austin Chronicle; selected as a best first novel out of New York by the Library Journal; and Entertainment Weekly called it "an intoxicating cocktail of sex and death," which she very much looks forward to using as a pull-quote.

Her second novel, "Flea Circus: A Brief Bestiary of Grief" won the AWP Fiction Prize in 2010, selected by Francine Prose, and was published by New Issues. The paperback will be available in March 2012. The novel was a finalist in the 2011 Grub Street National Book Prize and was given Honorable Mention.

She was a Fellow with the New York Foundation for the Arts in 2002 and her plays have been staged in London at the Young Vic and Theatre 503, in Cambridge at the Junction Theater and at the Judith E. Wilson Studio, in Montreal at the Theatre Ste. Catherine, in Oslo at the Samtidsfestivalen and in New York at Where Eagles Dare Studios. She is an occasional MFA dissertation defense panelist at UMASS, Amherst and a jurist for the Scholastic Achievement Awards.

She lives in Brooklyn with the opera composer George Grella, a stress-proof child and a hound dog.

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