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David Hodges was born in Rockford, IL and received his B.A in Philosophy from Wesleyan University in 1983. He has had solo exhibitions in Gallery Albrecht, Munich; Dart Gallery, Chicago; Farideh Cadot Galleries, Paris and New York; Galerie Gawlick-Schorm, Vienna; and MacMurrray College, Jacksonville, IL.

His work has appeared in numerous group shows in the U.S. and Europe including the Whitney Museum of American Art at the Equitable Center, the Illinois State Museum, the Rockford Art Museum, University of Wisconsin, Illinoise State University, Shirn-Kunshalle in Frankfurt, Boyd Gallery in Santa Monica, and Steibel Modern, NYC.

His work is included in the permanent collections of the Helmand Museum, The Netherlands; First National Bank of Chicago; the McArthur Foundation, Chicago; Newark Museum, New Jersey; and Playboy Enterprises, Chicago.

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