A Traffic Cone Viewing Tour
for you and four of your friends

with visual artist and traffic cone aesthete
Erik Sanner
Why a traffic cone viewing tour?
Traffic cones are almost art. Like paintings or sculpture, their primary function is to be looked at. Yet many people remain unaware of the rewards of paying attention to traffic cones, as this important contemporary subject is still largely ignored.

What will we do?
Traffic cone appreciation enables serendipitous moments of aesthetic experience beyond the reach of traditional art-viewing contexts. On our tour we'll cover formal traffic cone aesthetics and discuss some of the myriad interpretations of the meaning of traffic cones (for example, as harbingers of the singularity). We'll also consider one of the primary benefits of the practice of traffic cone viewing - namely, that it requires only minimal effort and no commitment of time or resources on the part of the viewer, but rather a simple awareness of traffic cone aesthetics.

How are you qualified?
My understanding of traffic cone aesthetics stems from over fifteen years of traffic cone observation in Asia, the Americas and Europe. I create solo and collaborative works of art and entire exhibitions responding to traffic cones which are exhibited in galleries, museums, art fairs and alternative spaces. I tweet traffic cones. I am a pioneer in defining and propagating the fledgling field of traffic cone aesthetics. I am committed to helping you understand how truly seeing traffic cones will have a positive impact on your life. I am not some shady fly-by-night traffic cone enthusiast. I promise that by the end of our tour you will be well-equipped to enrich your existence through the inspiring visual poetry of traffic cones.

We will meet at the ACNY office at a mutually-agreed-upon time. I will have scouted the area and lead you to select ordinary and exceptional cones nearby, illustrating the four formal criteria and the underlying principles traffic cone aesthetics. From there, we can walk to any destination of your choice (as short as one block or as far as twenty miles, provided there is public transportation near the end). We'll stop to discuss the cones we encounter, paying particular attention to the subjective difference between ordinary and extraordinary cones. At the conclusion of our tour I'll give you a signed limited edition (of a thousand) brochure, "How to Enjoy Traffic Cones."
Images courtesy of Jason Eppink.