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Color, Technology and Time: Moving Paintings 2005-2012
The Future of Painting
NY Art Beat studio visit
Time and Color as Technological Variables in Painting and New Media
Paintings that Move, Spring Planting, and How to Enjoy Traffic Cones
Artists in the Studio

The Future of Painting
The Mantle Inaugural Salon
New York, NY
September 12, 2012

This talk took the form of a Q&A followed by a moderated conversation. While I don't have a recording, above you can see a work I showed, "Traffic Cones of Museum Mile". Below are the notes I put together prior to the talk.

General (context-setting):

Big view of what's possible. Time travel. God. Keep everything on table. Where do ideas come from? Do you generate thoughts or do you access them? Define being a person. Define being a human. Very difficult to even answer most fundamental questions - Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?

Singularity -> Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns

Doomsday clock

Traffic cone abundance

We are creating our past, present and future faster than ever.


Technological add-ins -> undo, motion, static light levels

Tools will become more responsive and more powerful

Art options (forms -> expanding abundance)

Simulations -> grind own pigments vs no clean-up no brush-buying

Participatory painting

Random may come up:

Art that confuses. Early art. Opaque. I DON'T GET IT ->mystery