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Color, Technology and Time: Moving Paintings 2005-2012
The Future of Painting
NY Art Beat studio visit
Time and Color as Technological Variables in Painting and New Media
Paintings that Move, Spring Planting, and How to Enjoy Traffic Cones
Artists in the Studio

Time and Color as Technological Variables in Painting and New Media
Inaugural LiSA (Leaders in Software & Art) Salon
Private event
New York, NY
December 8, 2009

No video or audio recordings of the event were made. However, above is an image of another speaker presenting (event details here) and below are the notes I spoke from (and distributed printed on paper to attendees) (also downloadable as pdf):


everything is changing all the time (the evanescence of everything)

grand canyon (deeper, also sunlight)

technology speeding up the rate of change (horse-drawn carriage to car vs. car to space ship)

paintings fading and cracking (vermeer versus pollock)

film and video (modern equivalent of painting) (“moving pictures” = technological development = injecting time into a quasi-static medium)

waterfall epiphany (pompei, bringing nature into homes, paintings that move)


cave paintings (earth tones)

lapis lazuli, vermeer, scarcity of blue

chemical colors


luminous color (rgb vs cmyk, lasers, current state of technological advance of color as an artist’s technology – vermeer never saw a jumbotron)

color study viewable through 1/9 at taller boricua (please see homepage for details)

found landscape:

collaboration (only want to discover unexpected things; art = exploration)

dali/pompei (bring burning giraffes into home)

going forward:

commissions (balance between the in-my-head universe and the shared universe)

other projects (kazue, kisokaido, erasing rauschenberg, unknown canvas thing, four seasonal landscapes)

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